Furnish Your Salon for an Amazing Price!

At Elad Beauty, you can choose from a wide variety of choices when furnishing your salon. We make it our top priority to make your salon your dream salon.

When first furnishing your salon, you might want to first think about how each salon station will look and what it will have. We  have a very large variety of stations to choose from. You can even customize it! A salon station should have cabinets to hold all your beauty products, and we offer all different designs. Next, a salon station should then have a mirror so your customers can enjoy your amazing work! Our mirrors can be a separate piece or connected to tables, or cabinets. Then, a station needs a wall mount or table top, this will be very convenient when you are constantly using the same brushes or products and need to rest them down. Also Our wall mounts or table tops have heat protected holders inside which can hold a hair dryer, curing iron, and a straightener all at the same time! This is a great way to be able to heat up a curling iron or straightener without burning the table top. We also provide separate drawers for more beauty products to be stored neatly, that can fit under our wall mounts or stand alone.

Next, once your amazing station is completed the only thing left is your customers chair, that they will be sitting in while you work on them. This is very important because you want them to feel comfortable while being worked on. Our styling and salon chairs come in all different colors, designs, and prices. All of which can be raised or lowered depending on each customers need.

Whether you are going for a modern salon, old fashion salon, or just an absolutely beautiful salon, Elad Beauty has everything you need! All of our orders have 100% free shipping! For further questions, or to place an order you can call (888) 829-9555 or visit our website at eladbeauty.com ! We look forward to helping make your salon a beautiful one.


Opening A Salon?

While opening a salon itself can be stressful and hectic, Elad Beauty is a one stop shop! We can help you furnish your whole salon at amazing prices. We sell everything from foot rests, to complete salon stations! We want to help you create a one of a kind and beautiful salon!

While shopping online at our store, every order qualifies for 100% free shipping and we have new releases on our website that we are very excited about! One of our new releases is a black leather styling chair that includes a u shaped foot rest, square and or round bases, and a hydraulic pump which includes a 1 year warranty! Along with this amazing product we have another black styling chair which is available in a textured black, includes a foot rest, hydraulic pump, and base options of round, square, or star. We are also featuring our newest shampoo unit which comes in both black or white, an all purpose chair, salon station wall mount, salon stations- mirror station, and barber chairs!

We have so many different styles and options to choose from! This is a great way to really customize your salon to make it perfect. Your satisfaction is our number one concern and we strive to help you succeed in creating an amazing salon. If you have any issues with trying to plan accordingly what will fit, look good, or just can’t make up your mind about a product, always feel free to call our live agents to help you choose what is the perfect fit for your salon!

Contact us today to start creating your dream salon!

Salon Equipment To Impress Any budget

Whether you are remodeling your salon or are starting from scratch, we can help you make your salon a beautiful one! We can help supply you with salon equipment, hair salon furniture, barber chairs, and styling chairs.

We want you and your customers to love being in your salon. We specialize in making your salon a luxurious place to be. With all different types of styles of chairs, tables, and furniture to choose from, your dream can come true. Our Styling Chair and Barber Chairs come with a heavy duty pump that our competition can’t beat. We are very professional in our hair salon furniture and Barber Chairs and everything that deals with creating a new Salon.

We know you only want the best for your salon and on a budget that can be difficult. But with Elad Beauty, we offer amazing prices as well as clearance deals! We can do everything from customizing your chairs to help supply you with booster seats. We have it all. We offer financing as well, so no matter what your budget is, we will supply you with everything you need for your amazing salon. Give us a call today and get started on making your dream salon a reality!