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We spend a lot of time in our blog talking about women’s salons and we sometimes forget that the design and feel of a barber shop is important as well. It’s not that we forget completely really, because we have plenty of great barber shop supplies and barber chairs for sale; we just forget to discuss it.

Men like to pretend that they don’t understand women. But when it comes to personal maintenance, men are more like women than they’d like to admit. Men like to go to their regular barber shops, see their regular barbers and even engage in their version of gossip with the other guys at the shop. I know one guy who admittedly goes to a barber that isn’t that great just because he loves his personality. I know another guy who goes to a specific barber shop simply because he loves the atmosphere and the other clientele and he doesn’t even care who ends up cutting his hair. Guys, like women, create unexplainable attachments to their barber shops.

So when it comes to designing the layout of your barber shop, it is just as important as designing the layout of a women’s salon. You want your clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, this is especially important when the bulk of your clientele is men. A comfortable barber chair goes a long way when it comes to attracting new clients and keeping old ones.

Whether you’re going for a classic, old school look or a hip, modern design, Elad Beauty has all the furniture and supplies you’ll need to outfit your barber shop to the nines. Check out our vast online inventory or give us a call today to discuss our custom order options.