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I remember as a young girl my mother had a regular nail appointment with Cynthia every two weeks, on Saturday, at 3pm. It was a mundane chore for my mother I am sure but to me, my memory of those days are filled Featured imagewith lots of laughs from the acrylic high, French fries from the restaurant next to the salon, crazy Cynthia and her even crazier stories about dating and men. But most importantly, I remember those days as a little girl as afternoons spent with my mom.

The salon is a haven for women, a place for them to feel good about themselves, gossip with the other ladies and read up on current beauty trends. Of course, most conversations turn out to be centered on men, but that is the fun part. My mind can’t help but wander to the movie Steel Magnolias, and each scene in Truvy’s (played by the ultra-beauty queen herself, Dolly Parton) beauty shop resonates with me; all the ladies sitting in salon stations, surrounded by hundreds of beauty supplies chirping away at each other.

You may have a neighborhood salon you love, or you might still be going to your mother’s salon like I am; either way, the salon/client relationship is often a very close one. So the next time your stylist—or maybe the owner of the salon or the receptionist—is complaining about the bad customer service at the beauty supply store that rips them off, you can tell her about Elad Beauty. At Elad Beauty we eat, breath and sleep beauty so we love providing clients with exactly what they need. Our wholesale beauty supplies are sure to exceed the expectations of any salon owner! We offer everything from manicure tables to shampoo bowls at whole sale prices. I’m sure Turvy would have loved stocking her beauty shop with salon furniture and equipment from Elad Beauty.