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Elad beauty provides me with all the beauty essentials and salon equipment I need to make my hair salon the perfect place to be! My name is Stephanie Wallace and before I started purchasing from Elad, I was spending a large amount of money on my salon equipment. Now that I know of how amazing their salon stations and equipment are, I have a reliable and safe wholesale beauty supply store that I can trust.

Being a regular costumer, I’ve purchased many products such as hair steamers, spa equipment, salon chairs, and many more supplies and equipment. I love that I can be approved for financing in as low as thirty-seconds which makes buying multiple products for my salon an easy task that saves me money. And speaking of saving money, another advantage to purchasing from Elad is their absolutely free shipping that they oFeatured imageffer their customers.

All of my customers tell me how comfortable and well maintained my salon is which really makes me feel great about how hard I’ve worked to build my business. My customers love that they can come into my salon and know that they are going to get pampered. They are very pleased with my salon and how far it has come since the beginning. I could never have managed to create such a great business without the help of Elad. Their products transformed my shabby and old salon into a beautiful modern sanctuary with wonderful products like their top selling manicure tables and salon chairs.

I truly feel that my salon has become one of my favorite places to be and I know my customers feel the same way. My business is booming and I am a very happy customer. Thanks Elad!