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When it comes to choosing the perfect salon to get your hair or nails done there are a lot of factors to consider. Sure, the quality of the service being provided is the number one factor to consider; but let’s say you’re trying to decide between a few different salons all providing the same level of service, then what? That’s when the atmosphere and vibe of the salon come into play.

Here at Elad Beauty we want to help make your salon a place where your clients love to relax and get pampered. We don’t just sell wholesale beauty supplies, we are salon customers ourselves as well. We know what a big difference the right manicure tables or salon chairs can make. We know that when you walk into a salon for the first time you want to look around and enjoy the scenery; you want to feel good, relaxing vibes and feel confident that you are about to get an amazing hair cut or manicure or whatever other salon service you’re there to get.

Our wholesale salon equipment ranges from bold and bright to simple and understated. Whatever your design aesthetic and budget, Elad Beauty has something for you. Let’s talk shampoo bowls for example: Whether you’re going for a relaxing spa-like atmosphere or a trendy boho-chic kind of feel, we have the shampoo units to match your look.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a salon from the ground up or redesigning an old, drab look that your company has outgrown, you will surely find just what you’ve been looking for in our diverse lineup of affordable salon equipment. Let Elad Beauty help you create a beautiful oasis where your clients will love to sit back, relax and let themselves be pampered.