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Thinking of opening a new salon, day spa or nail salon?

Bless your entrepreneurial spirit, but don’t forget the biggest expenses when stating a salon business, equipment and supplies. A comprehensive list of the salon equipment and salon furniture needed to start a salon is very important and the first step to help you secure your financing, or to help prepare your cash flow chart. Below is a list of typical equipment required when opening a beauty business. Remember to always take into consideration the design you wish to portray. Follow the links to Eladbeauty.com.


Salon Stations, Chairs, Mirrors

A great place to start would be the stations. Think of about the equipment you worked on, or interview other stylist whom you trust get their opinion of what chairs, stations and mirrors worked best for them. Remember to think about your customer and buy equipment that is both functional and comfortable.

Salon Stations, Mirror Stations, and Cabinets

All Purpose Chairs

Barber Chair Selection

Salon Chair Selection


Make sure the bowls and chairs you purchase complement each other. Depending on the nature of your business a shampoo bed may be a better idea. There will be a variety of customers therefore take adaptability into strong consideration. To help reduce the dreaded neck cramp many equipment supplies sell rubber lips that can be fitted over shampoo bowls.

Shampoo Chairs Selection

Shampoo Beds Selection


Hood dryers can be a huge help to your business. One customer can be under the dryer giving you the opportunity to start your next customer. Don’t just buy any dryer also think about the functionality within your beauty business. A dryer with adjustable heat is an excellent choice. You will be doing many different types of hair and sizes, so make sure you buy a dryer that can accommodate many sizes. Does the dryer have height adjustment? You will have a variety of customers and they are all not the same height. If you buy dryers with no height adjustment, make sure you have adjustable chairs. Will you need something portable or stationary? Lastly, the interior of the dryer itself is important. Will the interior have an anti-staining coat?

Dryers Chairs Selection

Unless you are opening a franchise, every beauty business is unique. Whatever your style, simple, bold, modern, rustic or contemporary it is important to select the correct salon equipment and salon furniture. Give your customer an experience they will not forget and see your referral business increase. Make sure you have the right equipment that will keep your customers happy. Have fun with your business venture. Elad Beauty can be reached at 213-748-1040.