It’s time to take your salon to the next level. Show your clients a professional salon. Having a professional salon appearance, clients will be more inclined to continuously come back and spend more money. Elad Beauty is your one stop shop for salon equipment that will transform your salon into a professional one.

Whether you want to change just your chairs, shampoo stations, mirror stations or more, Elad Beauty has it all. Starting with the chairs your clients sit in is a good way to transform your salon. Your clients can spend hours in your salon and you want them to feel comfortable and feel like they are in an elite salon. You want to be able to give your clients the deluxe treatment and having a professional, chic, and comfortable chair is a perfect way to do that. We have a large variety of styling chairs to choose from. No matter what your salon theme is, or whether you like modern or vintage looking chairs, Elad Beauty has all the options.  The color black always gives off the professional vibe, and we have plenty to choose from. We have styling chairs in all different price ranges. However, we do now have beautiful white chairs. White has been said to give off a clean experience which is something your client will appreciate while you work on them. Our white chairs are absolutely gorgeous and would look amazing in your salon.

Perhaps your salon has a modern edge. Our new styling chair (item # stc-68193) is perfect for your modern salon. It is edgy, comfortable, black and would look chic anywhere. It is at a low, low price of only $270.

Or we have an amazing orange modern chair (item # stc-3634-or). It features a comfortable seat, comfortable arm rests, and different pumps to adjust the height of the chair so your client can be as comfortable as possible. At only $280 this piece of salon furniture would really help give that edgy vibe.

Want a professional and luxurious look but need really affordable salon furniture? We have a clearance sale on one of our most popular chairs. It is chic, comfortable, and goes with any salon theme. It is black and rotates 360 degrees so you as an artist can have any angle that works best for you. It has a chrome polished base and a hydraulic pump as well as a choice of either a square, round or star base. It also features vinyl upholstery, and comes with a 1 year warranty.  Also, this chair is eligible for free shipping. This chair (item # 6269) is on sale for only $240.

Often times, parents will bring their children in with them or for their own haircuts. However, all of our chairs might be a little too big for a child. This is why we offer our new booster seat. It features a semi-round shape to fit in the chair, and can be used for all styling or barber chairs. It has a comfortable cushion bottom, and has a flap intended to protect the chair from scratches, dirt, hair or scuffs.

No matter what you are looking for, Elad Beauty has it. Contact us today to make your salon the best it can be.