Barber Shops Need Love Too


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We spend a lot of time in our blog talking about women’s salons and we sometimes forget that the design and feel of a barber shop is important as well. It’s not that we forget completely really, because we have plenty of great barber shop supplies and barber chairs for sale; we just forget to discuss it.

Men like to pretend that they don’t understand women. But when it comes to personal maintenance, men are more like women than they’d like to admit. Men like to go to their regular barber shops, see their regular barbers and even engage in their version of gossip with the other guys at the shop. I know one guy who admittedly goes to a barber that isn’t that great just because he loves his personality. I know another guy who goes to a specific barber shop simply because he loves the atmosphere and the other clientele and he doesn’t even care who ends up cutting his hair. Guys, like women, create unexplainable attachments to their barber shops.

So when it comes to designing the layout of your barber shop, it is just as important as designing the layout of a women’s salon. You want your clients to feel comfortable and relaxed, this is especially important when the bulk of your clientele is men. A comfortable barber chair goes a long way when it comes to attracting new clients and keeping old ones.

Whether you’re going for a classic, old school look or a hip, modern design, Elad Beauty has all the furniture and supplies you’ll need to outfit your barber shop to the nines. Check out our vast online inventory or give us a call today to discuss our custom order options.


Make Your Salon Feel Like Home


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I remember as a young girl my mother had a regular nail appointment with Cynthia every two weeks, on Saturday, at 3pm. It was a mundane chore for my mother I am sure but to me, my memory of those days are filled Featured imagewith lots of laughs from the acrylic high, French fries from the restaurant next to the salon, crazy Cynthia and her even crazier stories about dating and men. But most importantly, I remember those days as a little girl as afternoons spent with my mom.

The salon is a haven for women, a place for them to feel good about themselves, gossip with the other ladies and read up on current beauty trends. Of course, most conversations turn out to be centered on men, but that is the fun part. My mind can’t help but wander to the movie Steel Magnolias, and each scene in Truvy’s (played by the ultra-beauty queen herself, Dolly Parton) beauty shop resonates with me; all the ladies sitting in salon stations, surrounded by hundreds of beauty supplies chirping away at each other.

You may have a neighborhood salon you love, or you might still be going to your mother’s salon like I am; either way, the salon/client relationship is often a very close one. So the next time your stylist—or maybe the owner of the salon or the receptionist—is complaining about the bad customer service at the beauty supply store that rips them off, you can tell her about Elad Beauty. At Elad Beauty we eat, breath and sleep beauty so we love providing clients with exactly what they need. Our wholesale beauty supplies are sure to exceed the expectations of any salon owner! We offer everything from manicure tables to shampoo bowls at whole sale prices. I’m sure Turvy would have loved stocking her beauty shop with salon furniture and equipment from Elad Beauty.

Elad Beauty-All the Essentials


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Elad beauty provides me with all the beauty essentials and salon equipment I need to make my hair salon the perfect place to be! My name is Stephanie Wallace and before I started purchasing from Elad, I was spending a large amount of money on my salon equipment. Now that I know of how amazing their salon stations and equipment are, I have a reliable and safe wholesale beauty supply store that I can trust.

Being a regular costumer, I’ve purchased many products such as hair steamers, spa equipment, salon chairs, and many more supplies and equipment. I love that I can be approved for financing in as low as thirty-seconds which makes buying multiple products for my salon an easy task that saves me money. And speaking of saving money, another advantage to purchasing from Elad is their absolutely free shipping that they oFeatured imageffer their customers.

All of my customers tell me how comfortable and well maintained my salon is which really makes me feel great about how hard I’ve worked to build my business. My customers love that they can come into my salon and know that they are going to get pampered. They are very pleased with my salon and how far it has come since the beginning. I could never have managed to create such a great business without the help of Elad. Their products transformed my shabby and old salon into a beautiful modern sanctuary with wonderful products like their top selling manicure tables and salon chairs.

I truly feel that my salon has become one of my favorite places to be and I know my customers feel the same way. My business is booming and I am a very happy customer. Thanks Elad!

The Over-all Experience is What Counts!


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Are you tired of searching day and night for reasonable prices for your everyday salon equipment? Well, look no more, Elad beauty brings you guaranteed low prices and high quality products.

Our online store offers a wide range of salon equipment to choose from in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Elad Beauty has everything you need for your business from manicure tables, salon furniture, to barber shop supplies. Our site continues to add new products on a regular basis to provide you with the best products for your salon or barber shop. Is your salon chair in the need of some tender love and care? Well, with our low prices you don’t need to cover up that chair any longer, we have the right salon equipment for you and your business!

Our customers are our first priority and we assure that you will be satisfied with your wholesale salon equipment. Small businesses to large industries are pleased with our great customer service representatives. Customers love our easy to use site which provides our contact information as well as our social media sites that keeps our customers updated with our new products.What would your perfect salon or barber shop look like? Elad Beauty has just what you need to create the perfect oasis for your workplace. With our popular assortment of products, many costumers love our low priced beauty supplies and salon equipment.

What would make your clients happy? They don’t just come into your business for a trim or a make over, your clients come for the experience, and presentation is everything in our eyes. Our customers love our upscale salon stations and barber chairs, that will provide your customers with their best experience yet. Customers complain about their previous salon equipment purchases until they become clients of Elad Beauty.

Elad Beauty has been serving professional stylists and beauty supply customers nationwide for many years and will continue to serve all your salon equipment needs. Elad Beauty won’t let you down when you’re in need of a change of scenery or when it’s time to replace that old hair steamer from the nineties or your scratched shampoo bowls. We provide excellent service and encourage you to browse amongst our merchandise; we promise you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Call today at 1-888-829-9555 or browse our large selection online for your everyday salon equipment needs.

Trendy to Classic- We’ve Got it All!


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When it comes to choosing the perfect salon to get your hair or nails done there are a lot of factors to consider. Sure, the quality of the service being provided is the number one factor to consider; but let’s say you’re trying to decide between a few different salons all providing the same level of service, then what? That’s when the atmosphere and vibe of the salon come into play.

Here at Elad Beauty we want to help make your salon a place where your clients love to relax and get pampered. We don’t just sell wholesale beauty supplies, we are salon customers ourselves as well. We know what a big difference the right manicure tables or salon chairs can make. We know that when you walk into a salon for the first time you want to look around and enjoy the scenery; you want to feel good, relaxing vibes and feel confident that you are about to get an amazing hair cut or manicure or whatever other salon service you’re there to get.

Our wholesale salon equipment ranges from bold and bright to simple and understated. Whatever your design aesthetic and budget, Elad Beauty has something for you. Let’s talk shampoo bowls for example: Whether you’re going for a relaxing spa-like atmosphere or a trendy boho-chic kind of feel, we have the shampoo units to match your look.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building a salon from the ground up or redesigning an old, drab look that your company has outgrown, you will surely find just what you’ve been looking for in our diverse lineup of affordable salon equipment. Let Elad Beauty help you create a beautiful oasis where your clients will love to sit back, relax and let themselves be pampered.

Setting Up Your New Salon


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Thinking of opening a new salon, day spa or nail salon?

Bless your entrepreneurial spirit, but don’t forget the biggest expenses when stating a salon business, equipment and supplies. A comprehensive list of the salon equipment and salon furniture needed to start a salon is very important and the first step to help you secure your financing, or to help prepare your cash flow chart. Below is a list of typical equipment required when opening a beauty business. Remember to always take into consideration the design you wish to portray. Follow the links to


Salon Stations, Chairs, Mirrors

A great place to start would be the stations. Think of about the equipment you worked on, or interview other stylist whom you trust get their opinion of what chairs, stations and mirrors worked best for them. Remember to think about your customer and buy equipment that is both functional and comfortable.

Salon Stations, Mirror Stations, and Cabinets

All Purpose Chairs

Barber Chair Selection

Salon Chair Selection


Make sure the bowls and chairs you purchase complement each other. Depending on the nature of your business a shampoo bed may be a better idea. There will be a variety of customers therefore take adaptability into strong consideration. To help reduce the dreaded neck cramp many equipment supplies sell rubber lips that can be fitted over shampoo bowls.

Shampoo Chairs Selection

Shampoo Beds Selection


Hood dryers can be a huge help to your business. One customer can be under the dryer giving you the opportunity to start your next customer. Don’t just buy any dryer also think about the functionality within your beauty business. A dryer with adjustable heat is an excellent choice. You will be doing many different types of hair and sizes, so make sure you buy a dryer that can accommodate many sizes. Does the dryer have height adjustment? You will have a variety of customers and they are all not the same height. If you buy dryers with no height adjustment, make sure you have adjustable chairs. Will you need something portable or stationary? Lastly, the interior of the dryer itself is important. Will the interior have an anti-staining coat?

Dryers Chairs Selection

Unless you are opening a franchise, every beauty business is unique. Whatever your style, simple, bold, modern, rustic or contemporary it is important to select the correct salon equipment and salon furniture. Give your customer an experience they will not forget and see your referral business increase. Make sure you have the right equipment that will keep your customers happy. Have fun with your business venture. Elad Beauty can be reached at 213-748-1040.

Affordable Salon Furniture


Ever walk into a salon and wonder to yourself, where did they get this salon furniture? There is a well-known adage that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Whether it is a personal relationship or a business meeting, people form opinions the moment they meet us. Thankfully if you own a salon business, the prices at Salon Equipment Factory can help you make that powerful first impression.

However, it is also important to remember you want to make a lasting impression; otherwise your customer will not want to return. A perfect add-on to any salon business is the beauty bed. You customer came in because they want you to enhance their physical attributes, keeping them very comfortable during their stay increases the chances they will return; it also increases the chances of a referral. It is important to remember your customers may be in your salon for a long time, make sure it is positively memorable. Some beauty beds can double as a massage bed, which means you have an opportunity to provide another welcome service. Customers like to brag to their friends about how good were the services at the salon and also how comfortable and relaxed they felt while they were there. Naturally there are so many different types of beauty beds and black and white will not just do, you have to consider if the beauty bed design goes with your salon presentation.

Currently we have multiple beauty beds to choose from. They all come with 100% free shipping. Salon Equipment Factory wants to help you succeed therefore our selections are affordably priced.

Take Your Salon to the Next Level

It’s time to take your salon to the next level. Show your clients a professional salon. Having a professional salon appearance, clients will be more inclined to continuously come back and spend more money. Elad Beauty is your one stop shop for salon equipment that will transform your salon into a professional one.

Whether you want to change just your chairs, shampoo stations, mirror stations or more, Elad Beauty has it all. Starting with the chairs your clients sit in is a good way to transform your salon. Your clients can spend hours in your salon and you want them to feel comfortable and feel like they are in an elite salon. You want to be able to give your clients the deluxe treatment and having a professional, chic, and comfortable chair is a perfect way to do that. We have a large variety of styling chairs to choose from. No matter what your salon theme is, or whether you like modern or vintage looking chairs, Elad Beauty has all the options.  The color black always gives off the professional vibe, and we have plenty to choose from. We have styling chairs in all different price ranges. However, we do now have beautiful white chairs. White has been said to give off a clean experience which is something your client will appreciate while you work on them. Our white chairs are absolutely gorgeous and would look amazing in your salon.

Perhaps your salon has a modern edge. Our new styling chair (item # stc-68193) is perfect for your modern salon. It is edgy, comfortable, black and would look chic anywhere. It is at a low, low price of only $270.

Or we have an amazing orange modern chair (item # stc-3634-or). It features a comfortable seat, comfortable arm rests, and different pumps to adjust the height of the chair so your client can be as comfortable as possible. At only $280 this piece of salon furniture would really help give that edgy vibe.

Want a professional and luxurious look but need really affordable salon furniture? We have a clearance sale on one of our most popular chairs. It is chic, comfortable, and goes with any salon theme. It is black and rotates 360 degrees so you as an artist can have any angle that works best for you. It has a chrome polished base and a hydraulic pump as well as a choice of either a square, round or star base. It also features vinyl upholstery, and comes with a 1 year warranty.  Also, this chair is eligible for free shipping. This chair (item # 6269) is on sale for only $240.

Often times, parents will bring their children in with them or for their own haircuts. However, all of our chairs might be a little too big for a child. This is why we offer our new booster seat. It features a semi-round shape to fit in the chair, and can be used for all styling or barber chairs. It has a comfortable cushion bottom, and has a flap intended to protect the chair from scratches, dirt, hair or scuffs.

No matter what you are looking for, Elad Beauty has it. Contact us today to make your salon the best it can be.

All About Barber Chairs!

A little history about barber chairs includes that the traditional barber chai uses hydraulics so that the barber is able to move the chair in an upward or downward motion for the best positions as well as for the comfort of both the barber and the client. Usually the barber is able to rotate the chair to make sure the hair he needs to get to is within his reach. Vintage barber chairs are often expensive since they can be collectible items when in good condition. People may even have vintage barber chairs in their homes or offices since they can be extremely beautiful pieces of work. There are many different styles of barber chairs that you can choose from.

If you are looking to purchase barber chairs for you salon/shop, we can supply you with any type of chair you are interested in! We carry all hair salon furniture you need for your business. Whether you are renewing, modifying, or doing a new salon we can help with variety of hair salon chair. We can custom make any salon chair to any Color that the Customer Desires. We specialize in Styling Chair, Barber Chair, Salon Equipment, and Hair Salon Furniture.

Our styling Chairs, Barber chair, Salon Equipment, and Hair Salon Furniture are among the Best Quality and the most economical in the market. Our Styling Chair and Barber Chairs come with a heavy duty pump that our competitions can’t compare. We Are very Professional in our hair salon furniture and Barber Chairs and everything that deals with creating a new Salon. Give us a Call we are the Manufacturer of hair salon furniture.

Clearance Sale!!

If you are remodeling or opening a beauty salon, Elad Beauty can help you supply your entire salon! We know that it can add up quickly, but we always have our clearance sale! Our clearance sale always offers high quality products that will make your salon, a beautiful one!

At this moment, our clearance sale consists of three styling chairs, salon station, and a shampoo chair! All of which would look great in any style salon and all are necessary! 

One of our styling chairs has a beautiful design that would compliment brown coloring. It’s dimensions are width: outside = 25”, and inside = 18”, depth = 18”, and height of backrest from seat part = 16”. It features a hydraulic pump and has an option for a square base, round base, or star base, and of course includes our 1 year warranty. Our second styling chair on sale is our retro black and white striped chair which would compliment any fashion forward salon! It’s dimensions include: outside width = 27” and seat width = 21.5”, seat depth = 18” and a back rest heigh of approximately 17”. This chair features a polished chrome base and hydraulic pump, and chair turns 360 degrees and can be raised from a minimum to maximum heigh. It is made with vinyl fabric with foam padding inside and zebra like color. It too has an option for a round, square or star base, with a 1 year warranty. Our third styling chair is a beautiful black and chrome design that looks chic and goes well with any salon! It has white stitching and has the option for a foot rest for either U or T-shape. It has a hydraulic pump and a 1 year warranty. It’s dimensions include: outside width = 24”, inside width = 20 “, depth = 20”, and back seat height = 18”.

Next on our clearance is our salon station/mirror station. It is a beautiful brown wood station, which includes three shelves, a mirror, two drawers, and a cabinet. This is a must in any salon! This is crucial to any salon, and we currently have a great sale on it! It is only $200 and is a great addition to any designed salon. Last but not least, our shampoo chair is on sale for only $700 and looks chic and polished. It features complete accessories such has faucet, sprayer, hose, and a rubber neck rest for support. It also has a porcelain sink, vinyl seat, wood part on arm for arm support and base is made with fiber glass.

All of our products receive 100% free shipping and we have a wonderful warranty program! Check out our website today for more products! We look forward to making your salon a beautiful one!